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My Partner has a first name, it’s A-V-A-Y-A…

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Headset options for Avaya Partner phones:

( Avaya – pronounced: “uh – vi – yuh”, rhymes with “papaya” )  Say that loud enough and beat on your chest, they may call you Tarzan.



Thus far, I have only talked about the corded solutions for the Avaya Partner phones which included the Plantronics M22 and “H” series headsets, but you can also use any of the Plantronics regular wireless office systems such as the Savi Office series or the CS55, CS70N, CS351N, etc.  Keep in mind that you will also need the optional HL10 Handset Lifter if you want the one-touch remote answering capability, otherwise if you do not get the HL10, you will have to answer & hang up just like you would with the corded setup by lifting the handset up and down for each call.  Also, the HL10 Handset Lifter doesn’t always hear the ring from the Avaya Partner phones, it will usually make the headset beep in your ear for an incoming call but not for a call that is transfered to you.  So sometimes you get it, sometimes you don’t.   

Avaya Partner phones are “special”…  in a good way.  Some of you will remember the Plantronics SP-02H amplifiers also known as the “one-touch” amplifiers that could be used with Avaya Partner phones which would allow you to answer and hang up a call at the touch of a button.  Those were great units, but unfortunately, they were discontinued in 2008 and there is really nothing else made that will work the same way on the Avaya Partner phones.  


So now what do we do ?  Well, we now have to use the standard amplifiers like the Plantronics M22 along with any of the same Plantronics “H” series headsets that we used before with the SP-02H amplifier.  The catch is that we now have to lift up the handset, set it off to the side, and then hang it up after each call.  So for those of us that remember how easy and streamlined it used to be when we used the SP-02H amp with our Avaya Partner phones, this kinda stinks…  Now there is another way around that, you can use a Plantronics T10H dial pad base along with an “H” series headset.  This setup will let you answer and hang up just by pressing the on/off button on the dial pad base, but it’s basically like having a 2nd phone on your desk.  So if you have the space, at least you won’t have to lift and lower your handset for every call. 




However, remember when I told you that the Avaya Partner phones were “special”… ?  Well here’s why.  If you have the Avaya Partner model 18D or the Avaya Partner model 34D, you have an extra jack on the bottom of your telephone labeled “AUX” (auxilary) right next to the line jack (where the cord plugs in from the wall).  You will have to remove the adjustable base on your phone to see these.  The special “AUX” jack on the bottom of your Avaya Partner phone will allow you to use the CS55H, which is the “Home Edition” version of the regular CS55 wireless office system.  You can also use the Calisto Pro, which has a dial pad, so you can actually make a call away from your phone as well as being able to answer and hang up.  The Calisto Pro will also connect to your computer via a USB port, just incase you want to use it with SKYPE or something else on your pc.  And last but not least…  You can also use the Plantronics CT14 system, which also has a dial pad so you can answer, hang up, and make calls away from your Avaya Partner phone.  The Plantronics CT14 is a great system with a very good price point which cost about the same as a corded setup (maybe even just a little cheaper).  And the beauty with using any of these 3 wireless systems (besides the obvious wireless factor) compared to the corded setup and other wireless systems is that you do not need to activate the hookswitch by lifting the handset on the Avaya Partner phone, thanks to our special little “AUX” jack.  So that means that you do not need the HL10 Handset Lifter for remote answering.  This not only streamlines the way that you use your headset, but it can also save you money.  The Avaya Partner 18D & 34D are some of the very, very, few models made that will allow you to use these systems that have a dial pad.  So you are able to get more functions, for the same or less money…  From my point of view, the Plantronics CT14 cordless system gets you the most bang for your buck when you have the Avaya Partner 18D and 34D model phones .  Why would I buy a corded setup for my Avaya Partner phone and pay more money when I could get a Plantronics CT14 and be cordless ?  Kinda doesn’t compute.  Plus with the CT14, you can also transfer calls, call a specific 2 digit extension, and even check your voicemail remotely.  But, check out these systems on our website for yourself and see what computes for you.  See, I told you that the Avaya Partner phones were “Special”…

Why is your shipping so high!

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On occasion a customer will leave a comment stating that our shipping charges are higher than expected.  I first want our customers to know that our goal is to break even with shipping and the real issue is local retail stores only supplying you headsets but not necessary accessories.


To ship a 1 lb package from Arizona to Chicago (just randomly picking a destination) is approximately $7.50 with UPS (as of April 2009).  This doesn’t include the 50-75 cent box cost or the $3-5 for labor to process an order.  With our $7.95 flat rate for most orders, you can quickly see that the smaller the order, the more money we’re losing.  Because of this, we instituted a $4 handling charge on orders under $9.00 to try and cover some of these losses. 


Most local retail stores only provide what’s profitable ($50-100 headsets) and thus don’t offer accessories.  Because we empathize with people who can’t find accessories locally, we’re happy to provide them, but our shipping & handling charges must cover our costs, remembering most of the time we didn’t profit from the original sale.


WEB2 PictureAs for alternatives, we have tried the United States Post Office but we ran into a few problems like breakage of items in envelopes; lost shipments; lack of tracking with carrier pick-up; additional labor costs of travel and waiting in line to obtain tracking.


Again, I wanted to be honest and open with you and please know we’re just as frustrated as you. Ultimately, I would suggest voicing your displeasure with your local retail stores for not carrying accessories.  We’re always open to your ideas and suggestions so please leave comment and suggestions.  




Wayne Baumgartner
President & Founder

Headsets Direct, Inc.

Plantronics Wall of Ears

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image_1-1I’ve always heard that Plantronics engineers any new headset to fit comfortably on as many people as possible.  This is an amazing picture showing just how many different ears they fit their headsets to:  Wall of Ears.

Great Voyager Pro Review

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Keith Shaw with Network World gives some great insight on the Plantronics Voyager Pro.

Hands-free Solutions for Teleworkers

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Whether your outfitting your employees to work remotely for short periods of time or permanently, Plantronics offers a robust suite of hands-free communications solutions optimized with business-class sound. Help your employees choose the solution that is right for them, based on mode of communication (home phone, PC, mobile phone), level of mobility needed and short-term or long-term use. For short-term situations, you should also consider a more robust solution that can be brought back into the office environment once the worker discontinues teleworking.

A few examples:


3-in-1 Corded Headset


Cordless Phone
Mobile Phone

Those looking for a single, economic headset for multiple modes of communication 

+ Small and portable

+ Noise reduction with WindSmart®

+ USB adapter for PC use




.Audio™ 750

Multi-use PC Headset



Those using a PC for voice communications as well as streaming audio

+ DSP digitally enhanced audio

+ Quick adjust microphone

+ Connects via USB or analog ports


Plantronics Discovery® 665

Bluetooth® Headset


Mobile Phone

Those who rely primarily on their mobile phone for communications

+ AudioIQ® enhances sound experience on both sides of the call

+ Comfortable fit customizable with 3 sizes of eartips



USB Audio Processor/Corded Headset



Those looking for a robust PC/UC solution.  It can be brought back into the office for use with PCs or pair with a Plantronics Audio Processor for telephony use

AUDIO PROCESSOR+ USB Plug and Play+ Inline controls including volume and mute


+ Gold standard in comfort and performance

+ Ultra-noise-canceling microphone for clearer voice transmission

+ Hi-Fi stereo audio

Calisto® Pro

USB/Cordless Phone with Integrated BT Headset


Cordless Phone
Mobile Phone

Those looking for value and convenience of one phone system supporting IP softphone, landline or mobile calls

+ Secure DECT™ 6.0 technology

+ Up to 300′ range

+ Supports caller ID/call waiting and voicemail


+ Best-in-class noise-canceling microphone

+ Up to 8 hours talk time


How to “Pair” your replacement CS351N headset to your base.

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article_cs351n_subscribe51If you ever lost or needed to replace your Plantronics CS351N headset, you will need to “Pair” it to the base.  Unfortunately, there are no instruction included with your replacement headset and it’s not as easy as placing it in the base.  Click here for pairing your Plantronics CS351N wireless headset so you can be up and going in a few minutes.