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Help? Does the Plantronics .Audio 1100M USB Handset work with SKYPE?

July 28th, 2009 No comments

Q: Can I use the Plantronics .Audio 1100M USB handset with SKYPE?

A: Technically yes, But…You can use the Plantronics .Audio 1100M USB to listen and talk through SKYPE, but not the dial pad on the handset. You will have to use your pc keyboard to dial a number to make a call. The .Audio 1100M USB was only optimized to use with the MOC (Microsoft Office Communicator 2007).

Here is what Plantronics says:

Ease the transition to Unified Communications with the practical and affordable .Audio 1100M USB Handset. Designed for phone-intensive users not yet ready to manage calls on the PC, the USB handset provides a familiar 10-key dial pad and traditional call control buttons such as answer/end and mute. The Ergonomic .Audio 1100M is optimized for Microsoft Office Communicator 2007. The touch of a button lets users switch to an alternate speaker phone or the PC microphone/speakers when desired. Wide band audio and a noise-canceling microphone optimize audio quality, and a convenient USB cable lets workers plug the device into any computer. Includes a cradle that clips to desktop monitors and laptops for convenient desk management.

Help? Is it possible to use a training adapter with the Avaya AWH-55?

July 28th, 2009 No comments

Q: Can I use a Training Adapter (03929-63)with an Avaya AWH-55?

A: Yes, but only if you have the AWH-55 plugged into a handset jack. The training adapter will not work if you are using the AWH-55 (or any other system) with one of the Avaya model phones that have a EU24 port and doesn’t need a handset lifter. You would have to unplug the AWH-55 from the headset jack and use it through the handset jack. The Training Adapter will only work plugged into a handset jack on a telephone, it will not work through any of the headset jacks.

Help? Can you use a T10 with a digital phone system?

July 17th, 2009 No comments

t10_miniQ: Can I use the Plantronics T10 analog phone with my digital office phone system? What will happen if I plug an analog phone into my digital line at work?

A: First of all, the T10 is just not going to work with a digital phone system (unless of course someone rigged up or installed some sort of analog jack). The T10 is a single line telephone with a headset only for use with an analog jack like you typically have at home. If you try to use a T10 with your digital phone system (digital line), when you press the on/off button to take or make a call, the phone tries to draw an electrical current to operate. Since the typical proprietary digital phone system has no facilities to regulate the current being drawn through it, your analog phone can draw too much current-so much that it fries itself or in rare cases, damages the phone system’s line card. So in a nutshell, the circuitry is just not compatible. This also goes for the T10H and the two line T20 as well.

Help? What is compatible with my Nortel T7316E Phone?

July 15th, 2009 No comments

Q: I use Nortel T7316E phones, can I use just 1 headset?

A: Yes! The Nortel T7316E phones are “headset ready” and have a dedicated headset jack, you would typically use a Plantronics H-series headset with an A10 (66268-02) bottom cable. We don’t have any sort of integrated device that will connect the two phones that will let you switch at the press of a button. But if you have two A10 cords (1 for each phone) plugged into both headset jacks, you can just quickly unplug the headset at the quick disconnect break away and re-plug into the 2nd cable. Now this isn’t as streamlined as pressing a button, but it only takes 2 seconds to do (which is quicker and easier than changing headsets).

Help? Can the Plantronics .Audio 920 just be used for music or tutorials?

June 29th, 2009 2 comments

It sure can!  Most people use the Plantronics .Audio 920 for SKYPE or other VOIP software, but you can also use it for listening to music or tutorials on your computer.  Once you plug the USB dongle into your computer, just configure it through your “control panel” (go to sounds & audio devices, then audio, then sound playback) and set it as your “default” audio sound playback device, instead of your regular speakers, that way your computer speakers will be muted and you will be the only one who can hear the sound through your headset.

Kermit the Frog used to say “It’s not easy being green..”

June 22nd, 2009 No comments

h51n_repairBut actually it is, Kermit…  And we were green way back before “being green” got so popular.  We have recycled, repaired and refurbished headsets for years.  We sell both new as well as refurbished headsets and amplifiers for our customers looking to save a little money.  So just as a reminder… don’t throw that old broken headset away in the garbage, recycle it by trading it in with us for a credit when you purchase a new one for yourself.  We may even be able to refurbish or repair your old headset for you, if it’s a Plantronics corded commercial grade headset (such as the “P” Polaris series or “H” series with the M10, M12, or M22 Amplifiers).  One way or another, we’ve got you covered with a few different options.  So just give us a call and see what we can do for you.  See, I told you that it was easy…

My Partner has a first name, it’s A-V-A-Y-A…

May 15th, 2009 No comments

Headset options for Avaya Partner phones:

( Avaya – pronounced: “uh – vi – yuh”, rhymes with “papaya” )  Say that loud enough and beat on your chest, they may call you Tarzan.



Thus far, I have only talked about the corded solutions for the Avaya Partner phones which included the Plantronics M22 and “H” series headsets, but you can also use any of the Plantronics regular wireless office systems such as the Savi Office series or the CS55, CS70N, CS351N, etc.  Keep in mind that you will also need the optional HL10 Handset Lifter if you want the one-touch remote answering capability, otherwise if you do not get the HL10, you will have to answer & hang up just like you would with the corded setup by lifting the handset up and down for each call.  Also, the HL10 Handset Lifter doesn’t always hear the ring from the Avaya Partner phones, it will usually make the headset beep in your ear for an incoming call but not for a call that is transfered to you.  So sometimes you get it, sometimes you don’t.   

Avaya Partner phones are “special”…  in a good way.  Some of you will remember the Plantronics SP-02H amplifiers also known as the “one-touch” amplifiers that could be used with Avaya Partner phones which would allow you to answer and hang up a call at the touch of a button.  Those were great units, but unfortunately, they were discontinued in 2008 and there is really nothing else made that will work the same way on the Avaya Partner phones.  


So now what do we do ?  Well, we now have to use the standard amplifiers like the Plantronics M22 along with any of the same Plantronics “H” series headsets that we used before with the SP-02H amplifier.  The catch is that we now have to lift up the handset, set it off to the side, and then hang it up after each call.  So for those of us that remember how easy and streamlined it used to be when we used the SP-02H amp with our Avaya Partner phones, this kinda stinks…  Now there is another way around that, you can use a Plantronics T10H dial pad base along with an “H” series headset.  This setup will let you answer and hang up just by pressing the on/off button on the dial pad base, but it’s basically like having a 2nd phone on your desk.  So if you have the space, at least you won’t have to lift and lower your handset for every call. 




However, remember when I told you that the Avaya Partner phones were “special”… ?  Well here’s why.  If you have the Avaya Partner model 18D or the Avaya Partner model 34D, you have an extra jack on the bottom of your telephone labeled “AUX” (auxilary) right next to the line jack (where the cord plugs in from the wall).  You will have to remove the adjustable base on your phone to see these.  The special “AUX” jack on the bottom of your Avaya Partner phone will allow you to use the CS55H, which is the “Home Edition” version of the regular CS55 wireless office system.  You can also use the Calisto Pro, which has a dial pad, so you can actually make a call away from your phone as well as being able to answer and hang up.  The Calisto Pro will also connect to your computer via a USB port, just incase you want to use it with SKYPE or something else on your pc.  And last but not least…  You can also use the Plantronics CT14 system, which also has a dial pad so you can answer, hang up, and make calls away from your Avaya Partner phone.  The Plantronics CT14 is a great system with a very good price point which cost about the same as a corded setup (maybe even just a little cheaper).  And the beauty with using any of these 3 wireless systems (besides the obvious wireless factor) compared to the corded setup and other wireless systems is that you do not need to activate the hookswitch by lifting the handset on the Avaya Partner phone, thanks to our special little “AUX” jack.  So that means that you do not need the HL10 Handset Lifter for remote answering.  This not only streamlines the way that you use your headset, but it can also save you money.  The Avaya Partner 18D & 34D are some of the very, very, few models made that will allow you to use these systems that have a dial pad.  So you are able to get more functions, for the same or less money…  From my point of view, the Plantronics CT14 cordless system gets you the most bang for your buck when you have the Avaya Partner 18D and 34D model phones .  Why would I buy a corded setup for my Avaya Partner phone and pay more money when I could get a Plantronics CT14 and be cordless ?  Kinda doesn’t compute.  Plus with the CT14, you can also transfer calls, call a specific 2 digit extension, and even check your voicemail remotely.  But, check out these systems on our website for yourself and see what computes for you.  See, I told you that the Avaya Partner phones were “Special”…

Heard of Magic Jack ?

April 22nd, 2009 2 comments

No, I’m not talking about some guy in your neighborhood…  I’m refering to a little USB device that kinda looks like a flashdrive but it has an RJ11 phone jack that will let you use a standard telephone through your computer.  So basically, you would unplug your phone from the wall jack and plug it into this device.  This is just another way of saving money on your phone bill, especially long distance charges, by talking over the internet.


magic-jackWant to use a headset with this device ?  Well it’s as easy as… Magic! (Top hats and rabbits are optional)  You have a couple of different ways that you can connect a headset when using MagicJack.  You can of course get a headset that will work with the phone that you are using with the device, or if you don’t want to use a regular telephone at all, you can get any headset that will plug into your computer because MagicJack also has…  (wait for it…)  TADA.  A softphone!  Now on a serious note, one thing that you may want to keep in mind when considering these “over the internet phone devices” is that some of them do not have to offer 911 services.  Just something that you may want to verify for your area if you are thinking of getting one of these devices.  Or, just be sure to have a “911 backup”.


So if you’re looking for an alternative to SKYPE or Vonage, MagicJack just may do the trick!    

The greatest thing since sliced bread ? You make the call…

April 15th, 2009 No comments
WO100 Savi

The Savi wireless office systems are the next link in the evolutionary chain of Plantronics’ wireless headset systems.  Years in the making, these beauties are about to make their debut.  The Savi Office Systems will work with most single & multi-line phones, but it will also work on your computer with SKYPE or whatever other software you may have.  And it’s all integrated into the base of the system, no extra devices needed !  How cool is that ?  There are currently two models offered, the Savi WO100 and the Savi WO200.  The WO100 is the convertible model which gives you the option to wear it over the head or over the ear, you just snap on whichever attachment you’d like.  The WO100 headset looks just like the Calisto Pro headset, except it offers the convertible option.  The Savi WO200 is the over the ear model which loops over your ear and has an earbud that goes in the ear, which resembles the CS70N headset. 


And can you say “Holy distance Batman” !  The Savi Office systems have an extended range of up to 350ft, while still using the same rock solid 64 bit encrypted DECT 6.0 technology to keep your calls secure.  You can also easily pair up to four of the Savi headsets to one base unit for conference calls, you can even conference between your landline phone and your softphone.  As more and more individuals as well as companies are starting to venture out and use programs like SKYPE and other Unified Communications software to be totally connected, and to simply save money every month on their long distance charges, these types of systems are quickly becoming a much needed valuable tool for us to get the job done.  The Savi systems are compatible with the standard HL10 Handset Lifters for remote one-touch answering and can also be used with specific EHS’s (Electronic Hook Switches) for certain phones.  The cutting edge Savi systems are just packed full of so many features, you really have to check them out to see what they can do.  We are always looking for “tools” to help us be more productive and more efficient in the office, and if it can make my workload easier… hey, I’ll take that too.  So any way you slice it, that ain’t bad.  Welcome to the wireless evolution !