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Help? Headsets working with a Blackberry

Q: Plantronics H251N-UNC SupraPlus Headset w/ Ultra Noise Canceling. Can I use this with a Blackberry? What is the mm of the connection? I need 3.5. If it is not 3.5, does it come with an adaptor?

A: When it comes to Blackberry, it’s not easy to find a compatible corded headset. First of all, because most of them have a 3.5mm headset jack as opposed to the more popular 2.5mm.  The second problem is that even a standard 3.5mm patch cable (such as the Plantronics 40845-01) will not work with their 3.5mm because the Blackberry apparently has different internal contact points.  So even though they physically fit, they won’t work right.  Blackberry really tries to make it a proprietary thing so that you have to buy their headsets…

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