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Help? Plantronics Calisto Pro from eBay not the correct phone socket

Q: I already bought a Plantronics Calisto Pro on eBay to use at the office – simply for hands-free conversation because we are dispatchers who have to constantly refer to crew guides and keep track of events in logs. I have been trying to connect the work phone handset coil cord (smaller) jack to the Calisto base’s (standard) phone socket, but although it does click into place it appears there is no contact being made.

Do you know if there is an adapter available anywhere to make this connection? In both cases only the two middle contacts are installed in the plug/socket, so either a solid adapter unit or a (1 foot) patch cord with a female handset socket and a male standard phone jack would seem to be the solution.

A: Unfortunately, a problem we run into regularly with online auctions is their inability to explain products.  There is no way to connect a handset to the CalistoPro.  It’s basically a single line cordless telephone that connects to a Bluetooth wireless headset and your PC for expanded communication capabilities. The modular connection on the base is just for the telephone line. With a splitter you can add a phone with a corded handset to use along with the Calisto Pro.

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