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Help? Can you use a T10 with a digital phone system?

t10_miniQ: Can I use the Plantronics T10 analog phone with my digital office phone system? What will happen if I plug an analog phone into my digital line at work?

A: First of all, the T10 is just not going to work with a digital phone system (unless of course someone rigged up or installed some sort of analog jack). The T10 is a single line telephone with a headset only for use with an analog jack like you typically have at home. If you try to use a T10 with your digital phone system (digital line), when you press the on/off button to take or make a call, the phone tries to draw an electrical current to operate. Since the typical proprietary digital phone system has no facilities to regulate the current being drawn through it, your analog phone can draw too much current-so much that it fries itself or in rare cases, damages the phone system’s line card. So in a nutshell, the circuitry is just not compatible. This also goes for the T10H and the two line T20 as well.

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