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Help? What is the reach of the Plantronics DECT wireless headset system with USB interface?

July 27th, 2009 No comments

Q: How far does the Plantronics DECT Wireless Headset System with USB Interface reach?

A: The new Savi DECT wireless office system with USB interface has a range of up to 350 feet. The Calisto Pro for the home office, which features the same DECT technology and USB interface, has a range of up to 300 feet.

Help? Plantronics Calisto Pro from eBay not the correct phone socket

June 26th, 2009 No comments

Q: I already bought a Plantronics Calisto Pro on eBay to use at the office – simply for hands-free conversation because we are dispatchers who have to constantly refer to crew guides and keep track of events in logs. I have been trying to connect the work phone handset coil cord (smaller) jack to the Calisto base’s (standard) phone socket, but although it does click into place it appears there is no contact being made.

Do you know if there is an adapter available anywhere to make this connection? In both cases only the two middle contacts are installed in the plug/socket, so either a solid adapter unit or a (1 foot) patch cord with a female handset socket and a male standard phone jack would seem to be the solution.

A: Unfortunately, a problem we run into regularly with online auctions is their inability to explain products.  There is no way to connect a handset to the CalistoPro.  It’s basically a single line cordless telephone that connects to a Bluetooth wireless headset and your PC for expanded communication capabilities. The modular connection on the base is just for the telephone line. With a splitter you can add a phone with a corded handset to use along with the Calisto Pro.

Hands-free Solutions for Teleworkers

May 4th, 2009 No comments

Whether your outfitting your employees to work remotely for short periods of time or permanently, Plantronics offers a robust suite of hands-free communications solutions optimized with business-class sound. Help your employees choose the solution that is right for them, based on mode of communication (home phone, PC, mobile phone), level of mobility needed and short-term or long-term use. For short-term situations, you should also consider a more robust solution that can be brought back into the office environment once the worker discontinues teleworking.

A few examples:


3-in-1 Corded Headset


Cordless Phone
Mobile Phone

Those looking for a single, economic headset for multiple modes of communication 

+ Small and portable

+ Noise reduction with WindSmart®

+ USB adapter for PC use




.Audio™ 750

Multi-use PC Headset



Those using a PC for voice communications as well as streaming audio

+ DSP digitally enhanced audio

+ Quick adjust microphone

+ Connects via USB or analog ports


Plantronics Discovery® 665

Bluetooth® Headset


Mobile Phone

Those who rely primarily on their mobile phone for communications

+ AudioIQ® enhances sound experience on both sides of the call

+ Comfortable fit customizable with 3 sizes of eartips



USB Audio Processor/Corded Headset



Those looking for a robust PC/UC solution.  It can be brought back into the office for use with PCs or pair with a Plantronics Audio Processor for telephony use

AUDIO PROCESSOR+ USB Plug and Play+ Inline controls including volume and mute


+ Gold standard in comfort and performance

+ Ultra-noise-canceling microphone for clearer voice transmission

+ Hi-Fi stereo audio

Calisto® Pro

USB/Cordless Phone with Integrated BT Headset


Cordless Phone
Mobile Phone

Those looking for value and convenience of one phone system supporting IP softphone, landline or mobile calls

+ Secure DECT™ 6.0 technology

+ Up to 300′ range

+ Supports caller ID/call waiting and voicemail


+ Best-in-class noise-canceling microphone

+ Up to 8 hours talk time


Plantronics Calisto Pro is a telecommuters best friend.

May 15th, 2008 No comments

We recently began selling a very unique headset solution for people in a home office environment. We’ve been testing it around our office (we play with every new product extensively so we know how to recommend it) and it’s pretty impressive. Bottom line: it offers a combination of three things no other quality headset offers. One, wireless connection to your landline. Two, it pairs (Bluetooth) with your cell phone. And three, you can take VoIP calls on your computer.

The headset is commercial grade, lightweight, offers noise canceling and our testers tell me it’s comfortable enough to wear all day. You have a small remote keypad to carry or clip to your belt which has caller ID and all of your typical phone functions (plus you can save 200 of your Outlook contacts to the unit). It also has a decent speakerphone when you don’t want to use the handset. When using the unit with your computer, VoIP applications work great, however, you are not able to use the headset in place of your computer microphone and speakers for standard computer use and music listening. By using one headset for three different modes of communication you can simplify devices and eliminate extra charging all with one unit.

Click here for more info, or you can call and talk to Al, he’s done the most testing on the unit: 888.244.0483.