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Corded headsets for your home

March 4th, 2009 No comments

With a corded headset at home you now have a great way to talk with friends and family for extended periods of time while relieving your neck and shoulders from cradling the handset. You will need to decide between two different configurations. First, there is a corded headset with a dialing pad base unit. This is a stand alone single-line (there is a 2-line version available as well) telephone. It rings and has many of the standard features of a basic telephone. The second configuration is to have a corded headset with an amplifier that plugs into a standard telephone. This allows you to use your phone the same way, except now you will use a headset instead of holding the handset. You plug the amplifier into your handset port and typically lift your handset off to the side of your phone when you answer or start to dial. Once the call is complete, you hang-up the handset. This works well on most single-line and multi-line corded phones because you have the ability to use all of your phones functions the same way. Your only using a corded headset instead of your handset.

Corded headsets for your office

March 4th, 2009 No comments

When you have a multi-line phone system and you spend many hours each day talking while trying to cradle the handset against your ear, a corded headset will provide hands free communication allowing you to easily write or type and also reduce neck and shoulder strain. Multi-line phones will use any of the standard Plantronics H-series headsets and either an amplifier or direct connect cable will be required. The corded headset fits on your head or ear and has a cord hanging down that the amplifier or direct connect cable will attach to. This connection is called a quick disconnect and allows you to keep the headset on and quickly disconnect from the amplifier or direct connect cable and walk away from your desk. The other end of the amplifier or direct connect cable has a modular connection that will plug into your phone’s headset port or where your handset plugs into. You will need to consult a headset expert or compatibility chart to determine if you need the amplifier or if you can save money and only use a direct connect cord. When using an amplifier, you will have complete volume control of your corded headsets speaker’s and microphone. If you use a direct connect cable, you will not have microphone control and your speaker volume will only be adjustable if your telephone supports it.