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Going…going…Almost Gone.

June 4th, 2008 No comments

Plantronics has announced that the Supra line of headsets will be discontinued August 15, 2008. This was the model that put Plantronics on the map for call center and business headsets. This will affect the H51, H61, H51N, and H61N models. If you have been using the H51 model, you will need to either stock up on spare units or consider migrating to the new SupraPlus H251 version. The sound quality is better and the style of the H251 appears more modern. The price will be the same for the newer model or even slightly less with most dealers. It will be sad to see the Supra go but you will now have a newer looking, better sounding, less expensive solution with the SupraPlus.

Headset Voice Tubes

June 3rd, 2008 No comments

Do you keep hearing from your callers that your voice is not as clear as it used to be, or that it seems to be a little fuzzy? It could be, that your voice tube needs to be replaced. In fact Plantronics, the number 1 manufacturer of voice tube headsets recommends that you replace your voice tube every six months. The Plantronics 17593-01 Headset Voice Tube is used for H31, H41, H51 and H61. It helps provide a clear, crisp communication between you and your caller. If you have a newer headset, such as H81, H91, H101, H141, H171, H251, H261, H351 or an H361 we recommend the Plantronics 29960-01 Headset Voice Tube. Trying to clean the end of the tube rarely makes much of a difference. There is a small screen at the end of the tube that collects makeup, mustard and other stuff which gets caked in and is impossible to remove completely.